Researching ADD + Anxiety

People with ADHD tend to be sensitive, which can leave them especially “vulnerable to feeling things more deeply and being more affected by situations and emotions,” Olivardia said.

“Anxiety adds another element to ADHD treatment, because you are both developing strategies for the ADHD symptoms and working with the resulting anxiety simultaneously,” Olivardia said.

However, if a person doesn’t want to take several medications, they might decide to medicate one of the disorders and cope with the other behaviorally, Olivardia said.

I opened my computer to write this,

*****Image of Facebook status box with "whats on your mind?"****

“What’s on your mind?” The faded light grey words in the text box of a future Facebook Status…. taunting me.

Recently I’ve been writing feelings down— things on my mind either in a Facebook status or in a text message to myself… unsure of weather I wanted to share the feelings or not. I usually end up deleting them.

Facebook and how we interact with it….. how we share… is such an interesting and weird concept to me. Recently I met someone who’s major was an area in psychology about how social media effects us.

I opened my computer to write this, to process my emotions, clicking on the sticky notes icon in mac bar, the last screen being safari opened to Facebook. Little red flags updated. I have two new friend requests. I have one new message. I have 8 new notifications.

Mostly if the status' delt with actual feelings they would be deleted. Never shared….. I started screen shots of all these stats.


thinking about being disconnected from all my friends and my family and my lover and being lonely and realizing it because I always realize my feelings days, weeks, months later after I started feeling them. A stranger on the street, a bald straight cool looking guy asking “are you alright?” I strongly say yes nodding my head. He says “I Like your glasses” and strongly keeps on walking.

yr so $$$.


my name is timothy and this is my livejournal. remember me? its been awhile. allow me to re-introduce myself. i am a 21 year old residing in charlotte, nc originally from new york. i work at a hippie food store called trader joes. i dont take too many things seriously and i think life is a big party. my hobbies include eating food, intaking large amounts of alcohol into my body, tanning, not being fat, and being all around redonkulous. i like indie music, indie movies, and indians. i would like to couch surf across america or be homeless in hawaii eating fruit off of trees. one day i will be your favorite reality tv star. until then add me as a friend (and let me know to add you back) because my entries will be friends only.